Progetto Alessandria


  • Public Awarnesses on Mosquito Campaign Alessandria - Google Maps

    The Gruppo Ricereche Ambientali- Alessandria, in ordere to providing a comprehensive information on mosquito campaign by involving citizenship, has developed an interactive online service to let them to get the updated data from monitoring of mosquitoes in their area, exploiting the potential of the Google Maps service-
    To view information about the monitoring station, see the data on catches and even where it is possible to see with the "Street View", a photo of the monitoring location .

  • Monitoring of adult mosquitoes - Google Maps

    To view the data on catches of mosquitoes, click on the link below. For ease of use, we upload data only 7 stations on 40 weekly CO2 traps from different climate zones, mosquitoes and representative of the Alessandria Project (85,000 hectares with a population of 183,000 ). The data will be updated weekly as a result of a new monitoring week with charts and graphs.

    For the data of adult mosquito Catches Click here.

  • Tiger Mosquito Surveillance Network - Google Maps

    Click on the link below to view the data on the surveillance of Tigre Mosquito and know the locations of ovitraps (180), the data collected on the positive Ovitraps and the number of eggs. Click here for information on Mosquito Tigre