Progetto Alessandria


  • Who we are

    "The Alessandria Town together other municipalities carries out Mosquito Control, focusing on facing all issues associated to this insect species in our city.
    This online information, has the aim to disseminate trough the team of Entomologists guided by Dr Asghar Talbalaghi, a widely plan to understanding what ever on this pestiferous, therefore provide the information necessary to fight it.
    It is therefore an important goal to protect and improve our quality of life.
    In order to obtain good results, this essential approach should be done, in collaboration to all citizens in a public awareness campaign when a big hand given by citizens

  • Outlook

    Improving the quality of life of the citizens through:

    Prevention through a qualified information campaign (public awarness)

    The source reduction of the problem, not cancel but a control

    Bring down the level of discomfort below the threshold of tolerance

  • Surveillance network on Aedes albopictus and other species of Medical and Veterinary importance

    Set up Surveillance network on Aedes albopictus and other species of medical and veterinary importance Monitoring of mosquitoes and fight it not only in view of high nuisance to the population due to its aggressiveness, but also for health reasons as the vector of many major diseases.
    Since the first week of June, 2010 campaign, began monitoring of Aedes albopictus, through weekly positioning and check of ovitraps at the same monitoring positions of previous years (since Year 2007).
    The placement of ovitraps is briefly illustrated in sheet and chart(click) , which indicates how the network is particularly dense at the center of town but not less at the villages and surrounding areas.

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